Thursday, November 12, 2020

Using The Magic Tree House Books with Intellectually Disabled Children and Adults

The Magic Treehouse Series is full of illustrations in black and white and the action is easy to follow. The simplicity of the drawings and vocabulary level makes it a great choice for early childhood, elementary, or IDD individuals. The series explores different themes from pirates, to space, to the Ice Age. There are short plot arcs in each book but there is also a story that develops over all the books as they discover there is a person behind the Magic Tree House. There are so many ways you can expand these books into other activities and discussions. 

There are many books in the Magic Tree House Series, and you can find them in most libraries and book stores.

About the Book

The first book in the series is Dinosaurs Before Dark.  Jack and Annie discover there is a treehouse in the woods filled with books. When they look at a picture and wish to go there the tree house spins and when it stops they are in a different world. To get back, they find a book about their own hometown and wish to go back. 

Reading one to two chapters a day works for a short attention span.  

The Magic Tree House

Craft Ideas

As you can see on the cover, there is a pteranodon in the book. Here is an easy pteranodon mobile to cut out of construction paper, tie with string and attach to a paper plate from the blog Stuck On Glue.

Pteranodon Mobile to go with Dinosaurs Before Dark

And a cute Triceratops wreath from DLTK-Kids.

Triceratops wreath to use with Dinosaurs Before Dark

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