Thursday, March 4, 2021

Book Review: 10 Hidden Heroes

Book Description of 10 Hidden Heroes

From New York Times best-selling author Mark K. Shriver comes 10 Hidden Heroes, an exciting seek-and-find book with a message. Featuring everyday heroes at home and in our neighborhoods, this vibrantly illustrated book helps children develop counting skills and learn how they too can be heroes in day-to-day life. Ideal for children ages 3-8.

This is a great book to read with a preschool class, young children at home or developmentally disabled individuals. Each page gives you a seek and find adventure to find people who are helping others. Whether it's putting on sunscreen, checking out books, or picking up trash, the colorful illustrations make them easy to find. I especially liked this book because it addressed faiths of many different types of people and included the awesome Special Olympics. At the end of the book it gives the child a challenge to be a hidden hero and a certificate to print out. 

How to extend this idea?

Discuss people your child knows that are hidden heroes. Every family and neighborhood has them.
Talk about ways children can help others. This can be chores, caring for people, and being kind.


Pull out those community helper crafts ideas. If you have a good one, feel free to post it in the comments.